About Us

I have been a falconer since 1975 and a professional avicultralist since 1984.

From 1984 to 1991 I was Manager of The Al Faisal Falcon Centre in Saudi Arabia.

The Centre concentrated on breeding the large Sakers, Falco cherrug,  so much loved by falconers in Arabia.

In the spring of 1991 I went to work at the National Wildlife Research Centre, NWRC, Taif Saudi Arabia.

The NWRC is dedicated to many aspects of wildlife research, from Oryx to Houbara Bustard.

I was responsible for the incubation and early stage rearing of Houbara.

In 1993 I was asked to design and oversee the construction of a Houbara breeding / research facility in Morocco for HRH Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, the Saudi Arabian minister of Defense.

The project was based in Agadir and Houbara eggs were harvested under license from the Moroccan government to form the founder stock.

Detail of the project can be seen at www.houbara.com

In the spring of  2000 I was asked to design a falcon breeding / research center in Dubai.

I finally moved out to live in Dubai in the Autumn of 2000 and brought my family and falcons from the United Kingdom with me.

I now run the Nad Al Shiba Avian Reproduction Research Centre.

You can see details of the center at: www.nad.ae

I also maintain a stud book on Barbary falcons, Falco pelegrinoides.

We use AIMS in our day to day work at the Nad Al Shiba Avian Reproduction Research Centre.  As I am both a breeder and programmer AIMS works the way you need it to work for practical day to day work.

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