What can AIMS do for you?

AIMS has been designed to help the user in their day to day work, it is not just a system to record data and provide reports to administration staff.

Whilst it will of course provided administration staff with the information and reports they need, it's main purpose is to help those with everyday hands on the animals with their day to day tasks.

Record Keeping

In many countries breeders are required by law to keep proper records.

This includes parent details, details of acquisitions and dispositions of animals, births, deaths, etc.

AIMS will manage all of this for you automatically and provide you with the reports you need, such as 7 column check lists, inventory reports, stock take reports, animal detail reports etc.

See our reports page for more details.

Stock Management

AIMS will manage all your stock records for you.  Acquisitions, dispositions, movement records with details of locations of animals, movement history etc.

See our stock management page for more details.


AIMS provides a unique incubation management system.

It not only records details of your eggs.  It will calculate the fresh weight of eggs for you if they have been incubated under the bird, manage weight loss for you and will calculate the exact humidity an egg needs in order to active the option weight loss at pip.  This last feature is unique to AIMS.

It will inform you when eggs are due to pip and it's colour coded egg display shows you are a glance how your eggs are doing.

See our incubation page for full details.

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