AIMS has a variety of reports that provide the user with the information they need to manage their collection and incubation.

Animal Reports

Animal Detail

Produces a detailed report for a single animal.

Growth Form

Produces a form for the animal, showing first 30 days with dates and age, with a space for weight and notes.

Animal Label

Produces a lable show the details of the animal

Plastic Animal ID Card

Produces a Plastic ID card showing the details of the animal

Certificate of Captive Breeding

Produces a certificate of captive breeding that you can pass on with the animal.

From the programmes preferences from you can set what you want to print on this certificate and the wording you want for it.


CITES Application

Filling in CITES applications by hand can be tedious and time consuming as you have to get the animals and parent detail from your paper records.

If you use AIMS then you simply open the animal form and go to the animal you want to produce the application for.  Open the the CITES application form and click Add New Record on the toolbar.

The form is now completed automatically for you with the animals detail, it's A10 numbers and all other information you need, from the settings in the preference file.

You then select from a pick list the exporter for import permits or importer for export permits and click print on the toolbar.

AIMS will print the CITES application for you and record all the information so you can make sure you are able to follow up your application.  It can even sign it with a scan of your signiture  if you want to produce it as a PDF file to submit via email

A10 Application

As with CITES applications, you locate the animal on the animal form, open the A10 application form, add a new record and press print on the toolbar.

AIMS will have filled in the animals details, it's parent details and their A10 permit numbers for you automatically. 

It does not get much easier than that!

Stock Reports

Animal Room Listing

Produces a list of animal for a given location on a given date.

Using this you can see what animals were in which enclosures at any point in time.

7 column check list

Produces a 7 column check list.

This shows the number of each species by sex for the date range as:

Opening Stock


Born / Hatched

Deaths 30 days or less

Deaths Other


Closing Stock

Stock Valuation

Produces a Stock Valuation Report.

This can be done from any date, so you and produce valuation reports over time.


Produces an Inventory Report for a given date.

This allows you to produce documentation of your stock for any give date.

Stock Take

Produces a report of all enclosures marked as being in use and all animals, if any, in that enclosure.

Since is lists all of your enclosures it reduces the risk of errors in recording the data.

Used for stock taking.

Incubation Reports

Egg Weight Record Sheet

Produces an Egg weight data entry sheet that can be used if you do not have a computer in your incubation room, if you don't then you are wasting a LOT of time as AIMS will record egg weight data in records if done live.

Egg Statistics

Produces a report for a given date range showing statistics for eggs.

This is by female, Species, Genus, Family and Order.

It gives fertility, pip and hatability data.

Egg Statistics Female

Produces a report for a given date range showing statistics for eggs by female.

It gives fertility, pip and hatability data.

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