Stock Management

AIMS a has comprehensive set of stock management features.

It allows you to record full details of acquisition, disposition and movements of animals within your facility.

You can move a single animal or whole groups using an easy to use graphical control


AIMS will provide you with certificates of captive breeding and transfer documents.


Transferring animals out of your stock is very easy by simply selecting the animals on the animal transfer form.  Select the person or institution you are moving the animal to from a built in address book and then save the record.  AIMS will print a transfer document for you with all the detail of the transfer, a copy for you and a copy for the receiver.



AIMS will produce CITES and Article 10 certificate applications with a few mouse clicks. 

To produce a CITES application you simply locate the animal on the animal form, open the CITES application form, add a new record, select the person you are exporting to or importing from and click on the print button.

AIMS will have automatically filled in all the animals details for you.

You just click on the print button on the toolbar to print out the application.   


The same easy to use procedure is used for Article 10 applications.  It will also fill in eth parent details and their Article 10 certificate numbers automatically on the application.

For stock management AIMS will print for you stock take lists, inventory reports, 7 column check lists.  These can be produced for any date, so you can report on stock at any point in the past as well as your current stock.

See the reports page of our web site for more details.

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