What users say about AIMS

Terry Burden, Raptor Breeder, UK.  Owner of Kentish Falconry

I have used this programme now for 15 years and the amount of time it saves me is unbelievable. As far as I am concerned it was the best investment I have ever made. Not only does it have the egg programme it has stock control, prints my forms for Animal Health and all manner of other things.

  Since the new version has been available the programme has improved to a level that I did not think possible, because the old version was great and did all we needed except make the tea, the new version even tells you how many sugars to use lol

In my opinion any breeder who does not use this software is a total fool, it pays for it's self with just one extra egg hatched.

Richard Sherry, Goshawk Breeder, United Kingdom

The best £250 we've ever spent that's for sure, hatched 37 eggs last year out of 38 fertile, I know for a fact this wouldn't have been possible if we didn't have the AIMS programme.

Jeff Armstrong, Falcon Breeder, Qatar and UK

The best 250 a breeder could spend , it's a fantastic programme and my unorganised life couldn't manage without it .

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